Discover the healthiest habits to help you THRIVE with ease during this free, virtual event.


This summit is for you if:

  • You’re eager to learn effective and sustainable habits that can transform your health and life  
  • You desire a holistic approach to your health, healing, and lifestyle  
  • You’re intrigued by diving into the power of the mind to upgrade your life  
  • You want to find joy in your social circles without compromising your lifestyle  
  • You want to learn a non-fussy approach to your nutrition and bringing your family on board  
  • You desire regular and meaningful movement with more fun and playfulness  
  • You’re passionate about finding more ease in your healthy lifestyle and empowerment to discover your best life

You'll walk away with:  

  • 4+ hours of free content in 15-minute consumable videos that will inspire you to take action NOW  
  • Simple and sustainable steps to target incredibly important areas of your health  
  • FREE high-impact information from successful coaches certified by Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI)  
  • Over a dozen free resources to support your health today  
  • Access to a private pop-up Facebook group where you can ask all the questions and connect with a community of like-minded individuals  
  • BONUS: Acccess to the entire Habits to Thrive summit #1 


DAY 1 - October 28th

Mark Sisson Exclusive interview  

Deanna Wilcox, OTR/L, PHC 4 Ways to Become Unstuck 

Anya Perry, PHC, USAW L1 Embracing Lifestyle Changes with Ease  

DAY 2 - October 29th

Chris Prior, PHC Creating Successful, Healthy Habits for the Long-Term Using the "Kaizen" Approach

Jonathan Geiman, PHC A Guide to Handling Social Situations

Rebecca Tamm, PHC Mindful Movement in a Sedentary World 

Marisa Moon, PHC How Anyone Can Achieve Long-Term Results with Intermittent Fasting  

DAY 3 - October 30th  

Rachel Barber, PHC How Mindset Impacts Health and 3 Tools to Heal the Body Through the Power of the Mind 

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons, DOM, L.Ac., PHC Seasonal, Intuitive Eating + Living: A Chinese Medicine Approach to Fall and Winter  

Joe Condora, PHC Love Harder, Live Longer: How Social Connections Impact Our Health  

DAY 4 - October 31st  

Erin Power, PHC The Joy-Pain Continuum  

Amy Taft, PHC Getting All of Your Children On Board the "Whole Food Train"  

Christina Rice, NTP, PHC, RP Digestive Health, Leaky Gut, & Food Sensitivities

Ste Lane, PHC A Primal Take on Yoga: Animal Flow  

DAY 5 - November 1st

Joe White, PHC Self-Support Through Mindfulness and a Guided Meditation

Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D., PHC Low-Carb Cooking Made Easy  

Mike & Kim Bruce, PHC How to “Crush-in-Ate” Your Travel

DAYS 6-7: ENCORE DAYS - November 2-3rd

What others say about HTTS:

I really enjoyed the summit. I have attended a number of summits and I really enjoyed that the videos were short and there was a variety of content. When I tried to do a summit with hour-long videos, I couldn’t listen to them all. I listened to every one of these. Great coaches to give great advice and content. I think you ladies put together a great summit. I love how involved you were in the group and making sure you commented on our comments. That helped me feel connected and not like I was just an empty comment."  

- Rosalind 

“I thought the summit was a great experience. I appreciated that the videos were 15-20 minutes, rather than 30-60 minutes. It made them a lot easier to fit into my day, and I was really impressed with how much information the presenters were able to deliver in that amount of time. I thought the range and content of the presentations was great. I ended up watching all of them.  

I also really enjoyed the Facebook Group component. I thought that having prizes to encourage interaction was a great idea. I also found that thinking about what I wanted to comment about for each presentation caused me to be more engaged with and give more thought to the content of the video.  

My big takeaway is to focus on how I will feel as a result of the choices I'm making. I CAN do whatever I want, but HOW will it make me feel afterward? This simple little mindset change has been very powerful for me.”  

- Erin W.  

“I thought the summit was awesome, lots of great coaches with great information sharing it for free. My favorite part was being able to interact with the coaches on the Facebook page, give them feedback right away and also get answers to questions right away. Also, love being able to follow each of the coaches' social media to get more education.  

My biggest takeaway is how impactful, what we consume, whether it be through what we eat, what products we use, what media we listen too and who we choose to spend our time with has a huge impact on our overall health.  

The format was good. Also, loved that the entire wellness spectrum was covered.”  

- Pat M.  

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